Building quantum circuits for quantum computation

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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility Tutorial
Start Date: 
Apr 19 2018 - 12:00pm
Accelerator Conference room, ACC 221
The University of Chicago
David Schuster
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University of Chicago

I will give a brief tutorial on the basic building blocks required for quantum computation using superconducting circuits. I'll give a brief description of the current state of the field and the challenges that must be overcome in the coming years. I will describe linear superconducting circuits and non-linear Josephson junction circuits can work together to manipulate individual microwave photons as quantum bits.  I will describe how one manipulates the state of a single qubit, and then how one can perform a measurement of that state.  I will also describe how the same process can be used to non-destructively measure single microwave photons, useful both in quantum computing and potentially in dark matter searches. Finally, I will describe how one performs quantum logic between bits and how this can be extended to remote communication.

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