Design and evaluation of multiple level file write-back and prefetching for Blue Gene/P

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Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Start Date: 
Nov 3 2009 - 10:30am to 11:30am
Building 240, Conference Room 1406 and 1407
Argonne National Laboratory
Florin Isaila
Speaker(s) Title: 
Assistant Professor at the University Carlos III of Madrid
Rob Latham

This talk presents the design and implementation of an asynchronous data-staging strategy for
file accesses based on ROMIO, the most popular MPI-IO distribution, and ZOID, the I/O forwarding component
of ZeptoOS, an open source operating system solution for Blue Gene systems. We describe and evaluate
a two-level file write-back and prefetching solution. The experimental results demonstrate that our
approach achieves high performance through a high degree of overlap between computation, communication,
and file I/O.

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