eScience and the Fourth Paradigm

Event Sponsor: 
Computation Institute Distinguished Lecture
Start Date: 
Feb 16 2009 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Ryerson 251
University of Chicago
Tony Hey
Speaker(s) Title: 
Corporate Vice President of External Research
Ian Foster

There is a sea change happening in academic research -- a transformation caused by a data deluge that is affecting all disciplines. Modern science increasingly relies on integrated information technologies and computation to collect, process, and analyze complex data. Data-centric science is the "Fourth Paradigm." Tools, technologies, and platforms must seamlessly integrate into standard scientific methodologies and processes. Microsoft External Research is committed to open access, open tools, and interoperability in the heterogeneous world of academic research. This talk will illustrate the far-reaching changes that this new paradigm will have on scientific discovery.

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