Event Driven Programming Models for Parallel Storage Systems

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LANS Informal Seminar
Start Date: 
Oct 7 2009 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
TCS Building
Argonne National Laboratory
Sam Lang
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Parallel File Systems today are comprised of multiple software components combined to provide concurrent and efficient access across hundreds or possibly thousands of storage devices. Using traditional programming models to develop these systems leads to large code bases, full of code that is difficult to follow, debug, and build on. In this presentation, I will describe a programming model based on concurrent state machines that has been useful in the implementation of the Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS), enabling concise specification of logical control flow. I will also describe a new approach that attempts to address a number of the lessons learned in PVFS.

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Please join us 15 minutes before the talk for coffee, tea and goodies.