Exploiting and Providing Research Data: Finding Strategies to Help Researchers

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Computation Institute: Data-Intensive Seminar Series
Start Date: 
Sep 10 2009 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Searle Lab, room 240
University of Chicago
Malcolm Atkinson, Professor, UK e-Science Envoy and David De Roure, Professor, University of Southam
Speaker(s) Title: 
Ian Foster and Dan Katz

The effective use of data is key to advances in almost all
disciplines. Data-intensive research is emerging as a new paradigm. Researchers in many disciplines have opportunities for significant advances as a result of the pervasive growth in digital data, communication and devices. There are many challenges in enabling researchers to become adept in this new and fast-changing context.

The talk will report progress towards understanding how to economically enable a large community of researchers to become fluent in whatever uses of data will benefit their research. We recognize that there are many different data-related activities and that there are many variations in the nature, maturity, structure and scale of the data. We propose a characterisation of clusters of similar requirements in the search for commonalities that may help provision and engagement. The talk will be illustrated with examples from a range of disciplines and is part of
a fact-finding tour of US research centers.


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