GPU Accelerated Flow Solvers Towards Exascale Simulations

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Mathmatics and Computer Science Division Seminar
Start Date: 
Aug 31 2018 - 10:30am
Building 240/Room 4301
Argonne National Laboratory
Ali Karakus
Speaker(s) Title: 
Virginia Polytechnic and State University
Misun Min

In this talk I will discuss the technical and design challenges of developing high-order finite element flow solvers which can efficiently use graphics processing units. I will first describe the Galerkin-Boltzmann model for nearly incompressible flows and detail how to increase overall efficiency by using multirate/semi-analytic time integration and absorbing boundary layers. I will then outline the components of the libParanumal incompressible flow solver that included GPU accelerated preconditioners and asses the computationally intensive parts. I will detail how we used empirical roofline models to optimize the performance of the most time-consuming kernels by tuning the fine-grain parallelism, memory utilization and maximizing achieved device memory bandwidth. I will present some computational results obtained in two-and-three dimensional flows.

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