High Performance Computing: What Is It and Who's Using It Today?

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Enabling Innovation with Performance Computing Forum
Start Date: 
Oct 23 2007 (All day)
Mid-America Club, AON Center, 80th Floor
200 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL
Rick Stevens
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Associate Laboratory Director for Computing and Life Sciences, Argonne National Laboratory

The Midwest has a unique advantage over other regions with the availability of high performance computing capabilities. The challenge for this area is to leverage this regional asset to the highest extent and therefore fully realize our ability to compete in the 21st Century economy. There are three key aspects to advancing the use of high performance computing in the Midwest. First, industry needs to be better tapped in to attributes of the high performance computing market. Second, high performance computing facilities such as Argonne National Laboratory need to be more integrated with and better informed of the major interests of users and potential users in the region. Last, providers of software and security for high performance computing need to be more engaged in collaboration among all stakeholders.

Innovate Now! will convene this forum to address key issues that are important in understanding and promoting the use of high performance computing. Businesses, laboratories, colleges and universities, user facilities, software and security providers and government officials will gather to address topics and questions.

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