Nested Data Parallel Programming in Manticore

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Petascale Active Data Storage Seminar
Start Date: 
Nov 19 2008 (All day)
Research Institute, rm. 405
University of Chicago
Adam Shaw
Speaker(s) Title: 
Department of Computer Science
Michael Papka

Nested data parallelism is a clear, concise, elegant way to express sophisticated parallel programs with relative ease. Furthermore, it is believed that these programs can be compiled to efficient executable code, although large-scale demonstrations thereof are still in the making. The Manticore parallel programming language, currently in development at the University of Chicago and TTI-C, provides a variety of facilities for programming in the nested data parallel style.

We will work through several programming problems in Manticore to develop familiarity with it. We will also discuss some of the issues involved in the implementation of Manticore, touching on interesting questions in data structures and models of parallel execution.

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