Novel Approaches to Topological Order Involving Open Boundaries in Closed and Open Quantum Systems

Amit Gangapuram, Leibniz University

Abstract: Topological phases of matter are beyond the conventional Landau symmetry breaking paradigm.  The presentation begins with the discussion of various signatures that detect these phases in different  scenarios. These signatures being inconsistent across different scenarios, and with the notion of mixed  topological states remaining ambiguous, an operational definition based on topological error correction  is introduced. Motivated by several nonequilibrium phenomena, various open quantum setups that host  topological phases are introduced while effectively detecting the criticalities using the operational  definition. Further, the above definition is extended to the class of symmetry protected topological  phases thereby establishing the criticalities in the variants of Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) models.  Finally, to experimentally realize some of the above physics, optimal techniques to detect and manipulate polar molecules using atoms are presented that further aid in preparing the desired quantum many-body states.


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