oneAPI DevSummit for AI and HPC 2022

oneAPI DevSummit for AI and HPC 2022 Graphic with dates

Save your FREE spot to attend the oneAPI DevSummit for AI and HPC 2022, a virtual community conference for researchers, data scientists, and developers like you. You’ll get to experience a luminary keynote, partner tech talks, hands-on tutorials, and a perspective on AI and HPC to catapult you to the next level in your developer journey.

Join renowned industry experts for deep dives into cross-architecture software development spanning:

  • AI and analytics using industry-standard frameworks and tools, performance-optimized by oneAPI
  • What’s new with oneAPI, including the Intel® AI Analytics and HPC Toolkit
  • Overviews of key performance analysis tools, including how to use them and where to get them
  • The latest on the oneAPI specification
  • Hands-on workshops with TensorFlow and PyTorch

Speakers from Argonne National Laboratory, UC Berkeley, San Jose State University, and Codeplay and other AI and HPC experts will be on-hand offering real-world knowledge of development tools and the use of Intel AI and HPC software.