Open Source Workshop

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Blue Gene Consortium
Start Date: 
Aug 12 2008 (All day) to Aug 13 2008 (All day)
Building 360, A224
Argonne National Laboratory
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A foundation of the Blue Gene/P program is to foster increased collaboration on the core system software. Most of the Blue Gene/P software stack is available with an Open Source software license, allowing customers, labs, and universities to customize and optimize software for their needs, and to share their innovations with the community. In partnership with IBM, Argonne's Math and Computer Science Division (MCS), Argonne's Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) and the Blue Gene Consortium, will work together to release, host, and build communities interested in Open Source development. Key new Open Source Software components will include the I/O Daemon, the Compute Node kernel, Messaging drivers, Blue Gene Navigator, and job management APIs. Working together, scientists and students from around the world will be able to extend and develop new components for the BG/P system.

The projected start date for activities is 1Q 2008. The computing community will have access to the bulk of the Blue Gene system software and can participate in its development.

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For consortium members only.