Optimize PyTorch Performance on the Latest Intel CPUs and GPU

Alex Sin, Intel
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Learn how the latest Intel optimizations extend stock PyTorch on Intel hardware, including the Intel® Xeon® CPU Max Series (formerly codenamed Sapphire Rapids) and Intel® Data Center GPU Max Series (formerly codenamed Ponte Vecchio).

PyTorch is a favorite among AI developers and researchers because it’s easy to learn, interfaces with Python, is easy to debug, can distribute tasks among multiple CPUs and GPUs, and has a lot of extensions.

Sweet, right?

This session introduces the Intel® Extension for PyTorch—part of the Intel® Optimization for PyTorch—which extends the stock sci-computing framework with optimizations for extra performance on Intel® architecture.

Topics covered:

  • An overview of the Intel optimizations, including installation and performance boost metrics
  • The newest features, including Intel® AVX-512 Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI), Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX), ease-of-use python API, vectorization, parallelism, quantization, operator fusion, constant folding, and runtime extension
  • A live demo showcasing usage and performance boosts on both CPUs and GPUs.

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