An Overview of Aurora, Argonne's Upcoming Exascale System

Colleen Bertoni, Argonne National Laboratory
Sudheer Chunduri, Argonne National Laboratory
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Science simulation, data, and learning applications can greatly benefit from the massive computational resources available with an exascale system. Because of this, the U.S. Department of Energy is planning to deploy three new exascale machines, including the Aurora system scheduled for delivery to the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility in CY2021. 

This talk will provide a high-level overview of Aurora, existing hardware, supported programming models, tools, libraries, and I/O. We’ll also discuss migration paths from current or proprietary programming models to programming models that are supported on Aurora and current testbed systems.

About the Speakers

Colleen Bertoni is an assistant computational scientist in the Performance Engineering group at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. Her research interests include programming models for high-performance computing and electronic structure theory.

Sudheer Chunduri is an assistant computer scientist at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility at Argonne National Laboratory. His research focuses on scalable tools for measuring and analyzing HPC interconnects performance.