Performance Optimization of Intel oneAPI Applications

Kevin O’Leary, Intel
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Performance Optimization of Intel oneAPI Applications

Modern workloads are incredibly diverse—and so are architectures. No single architecture is best for every workload. Maximizing performance takes a mix of scalar, vector, matrix, and spatial (SVMS) architectures deployed in CPU, GPU, FPGA, and other future accelerators. Intel® oneAPI products will deliver the tools needed to deploy applications and solutions across SVMS architectures. This webinar will focus on the oneAPI features that focus on performance optimization, including the analysis tools:

  • Intel® VTune™ Profiler(Beta) to find performance bottlenecks fast in CPU, GPU, and FPGA systems
  • Intel® Advisor(Beta) for vectorization, threading, and accelerator offload design advice
  • Part of the webinar will start with an application that is currently running on a CPU, and we will use the oneAPI tools to port and optimize on our GPU.

The Intel® oneAPI set of complementary toolkits—a base kit and specialty add-ons—simplify programming and help improve efficiency and innovation. Use it for: high performance computing, machine learning and analytics, IoT applications, video processing, rendering, etc. This webinar will include extra time for Q&A.

Presenter: Kevin O’Leary is a senior technical consulting engineer in Intel’s software tools group. Kevin was one of the original developers of Intel® Parallel Studio. Before coming to Intel, he spent several years on the IBM Rational Apex debugger development team.