Polaris – A Testbed on the Road to Exascale

Ti Leggett, ALCF
Argonne selects Altair to turbocharge scientific breakthroughs in the exascale era

Polaris will provide researchers with a powerful resource to prepare applications and workloads for science in the exascale era. (Image: Argonne National Laboratory)

The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) is currently in the midst of installing its exascale supercomputer, Aurora. To prepare for Aurora and exascale, a new system, named Polaris, was just installed and accepted.

In this Argonne Physics Colloquium, ALCF's Ti Leggett will explain the history behind Polaris and its ties to Aurora, what Polaris is, and initial plans for enabling science on it to prepare for exascale.

The talk will be given in person at Argonne's Building 203 auditorium and streamed via Zoom.