Quickly Debug Data-Centric, Cross-Platform Code

Karl Qi, Intel

Debug anywhere and on any device. This session will show you how to transform challenges to efficiency when debugging your parallel and threaded oneAPI applications running concurrently on CPUs and GPUs.

Debugging complex applications and libraries running in high-performance, heterogeneous environments requires a debugger capable of handling thousands of threads running simultaneously on each device in the system.

The Intel® Distribution for GDB simplifies this by enabling efficient and simultaneous debugging of CPUs and GPUs running cross-platform, threaded applications developed in DPC++, SYCL, C, C++, OpenMP, or Fortran.

This webinar covers the nuts and bolts of using this oneAPI-optimized tool, including:

  • Key features of the Intel distribution
  • Demonstrating the debugging of CPU and GPU code in a single debug session by controlling application execution and examining variables, memory, registers, and the hardware state
  • Best-known methods to get you immediately up to speed with effectively debugging your oneAPI application