Thermodynamic Consistency in the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Mohammad Atif, SankhyaSutra Labs
Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence powered by neutrino driven convection

Abstract: Recent years have witnessed the emergence of Lattice Boltzmann algorithms for simulating transport phenomena. They are an attractive alternative to the traditional methods of solving the Navier-Stokes equations due to their ease of implementation and handling complex geometries. They are based on simplified kinetic theory and are quite local in nature, therefore, ensure scalability in massively parallel computing environments. However, these algorithms become unstable while simulating flows with large spatial gradients -- conditions where the distribution of the evolving particles deviates far from the ideal Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. In this seminar, I will discuss how a few important features of continuum thermodynamics, such as the second law, can be exploited to develop unconditionally stable lattice Boltzmann models. I will also discuss the advantage of imposing higher-order moment isotropy and the resulting discrete velocity models that are capable of accurately recovering compressible and thermal hydrodynamics.


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