Two-Photon Spectroscopy at the Extreme Spatial and Temporal Limit

Gyeongwon Kang (Kevin), Northwestern University

The use of two photons to study molecular behavior in the field of chemistry is crucial in understanding the detailed chemical and physical information of a molecule including structure, reaction mechanism, and its interaction with surrounding environment. During this presentation, I will present both experimental and computational approaches to understand the light-matter interaction with two-photon spectroscopic methods at the extreme spatial and temporal limits. First, tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) method will be introduced to probe single molecule chemistry on chemically active surfaces. Next, a theoretical approach to study the role of temporally entangled two photons in probing the electronic structure of organic molecules will be presented. Finally, I will discuss on-going and future applications of ML/AI to study the interaction of two-photon source and molecules.


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