What Is The Universe Made Of? ALCF's Role in the Search for Dark Matter

Event Sponsor: 
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility Seminar
Start Date: 
Jul 21 2016 - 2:00pm
Building 240/Room 1404-1405
Argonne National Laboratory
Thomas LeCompte
Speaker(s) Title: 
Argonne National Laboratory, HEP
Rick Stevens

More than 80% of the substance that makes up the universe is the mysterious Dark Matter.  Nobody knows what exactly it is.  I will discuss the various lines of exploration to better understand this puzzle, the large and increasing use of computing in this effort, and the growing role that ALCF is playing in this and more generally in the field of particle physics.  Several technical issues needed to be overcome to enable us to reach the point where we regularly run full-machine jobs on Mira; these will be presented, along with plans for the future.