Workflow Software for Managing Large-Scale Job Campaigns at ALCF

Christine Simpson, ALCF
Developer Session Graphic

Most users have a 'workflow', a set of steps they take to execute their applications and generate and interpret results. What happens when a workflow becomes large and complex? Workflow management tools are designed to meet this challenge. ALCF supports multiple tools that can help users:

- execute large numbers of independent tasks
- manage the import or export of data for tasks
- coordinate the execution of dependent tasks
- orchestrate dynamic workflows that incorporate ML or AI models

This seminar will discuss tools used at ALCF and show examples of how these tools can be used on Polaris.

About the Speaker:

Christine Simpson is an Assistant Computational Scientist in the Data Science group at ALCF, where she focuses on workflows.  Her background is in computational astrophysics, and she has worked with hydrodynamical simulations to explore questions in cosmology, galaxy evolution, and interstellar medium studies.  Christine received a B.A. in Mathematics from Wellesley College in 2005 and an M.A. in Astronomy from Wesleyan University in 2007. She received her Ph.D. in Astronomy from Columbia University in 2014 and held postdoctoral appointments at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies and the University of Chicago before joining ALCF in 2022.