Industry Collaborations

Cutting-Edge Supercomputing Keeps Industry Competitive

A key driver of our nation’s future economic prosperity lies in its creative talent—the scientists, researchers, and engineers working within our companies, government labs, and universities. Our R&D centers are where innovation provides the competitive edge in an increasingly globalized economy.

U.S. Department of Energy user facilities offers some of the world’s most capable resources available to researchers. The ALCF has the high performance computing resources and expertise to enable major research breakthroughs leading to transformative products and technologies—and a secure foothold in today’s global market.

Faster and more sophisticated computers mean better simulations and more accurate predictions. Mira, our 10-petaflops Blue Gene/Q supercomputer, will help researchers to tackle more complex problems and create more robust models of everything from jet engines to the human body.

Reduce Risks. Speed Time to Market

Staying competitive and innovative requires advanced computing capabilities that are often prohibitively complex or expensive to maintain in-house. The ALCF offers industry the same powerful tools that are propelling our nation’s scientific and engineering breakthroughs in energy and the environment.

Whether for small-scale modeling and simulation or large-scale, computationally intensive projects, the ALCF can meet a wide range of computational needs to give your organization’s R&D researchers a competitive edge.

Consult our In-House Experts

When you collaborate with the ALCF, your project team will have access to a full range of services and support. Our teams offer expertise in code porting, petascale system management, application tuning and novel computational methods, and high performance analysis and visualization.

Our Catalysts are computational scientists with domain expertise in areas such as chemistry, materials science, fusion, nuclear physics, plasma physics, computer science, engineering, and earth science. Catalysts may work directly with project PIs to maximize discovery and reduce time-to-solution.