Expert Teams

World-Class Expertise

Our talented and diverse staff help make the ALCF one of the world’s premier centers for computational science and engineering.


HPC systems administrators manage and support all ALCF computing systems, network infrastructure, storage, and systems environments, ensuring that users have stable, secure, and highly available resources to pursue their scientific goals. HPC software developers create and maintain a variety of tools that are critical to the seamless operation of the ALCF’s supercomputing environment. Operations staff members also provide technical support to research teams, assimilate and verify facility data for business intelligence efforts, and generate documentation to communicate policies and procedures to the user community.


Experts in computational science, performance engineering, data science, machine learning, and scientific visualization work directly with users to maximize and accelerate their research efforts on the facility’s computing resources. With multidisciplinary domain expertise, a deep knowledge of the ALCF computing environment, and experience with programming methods and community codes, the ALCF’s in-house researchers help ensure that users are able to meet their science goals.


Staff outreach efforts include facilitating partnerships with industry, coordinating user training events, and participating in educational activities. Staff members also communicate the impact of facility research and innovations to external audiences through reports, promotional materials, science highlights, and tours.