Expert Teams

World-Class Expertise

Our talented and diverse staff help make the ALCF one of the world’s premier centers for computational science and engineering.


Catalysts are computational scientists who work directly with project teams to maximize and accelerate their research efforts. With multidisciplinary domain expertise, a deep knowledge of the ALCF computing environment, and experience with programming methods and community codes, the catalyst team helps users surmount any obstacles they may encounter using ALCF computing resources. This includes collaborating with colleagues from other ALCF teams to resolve issues when additional expertise is required.

Data Analytics and Visualization

The Data Analytics and Visualization team helps ALCF users with their visualization and analysis needs using leadership computing resources. Team members have extensive experience in methods and tools (e.g., Paraview, VisIt) for high-performance post processing of large datasets, interactive data exploration, batch visualization, and production visualization.


The Operations team monitors and supports ALCF leadership computing systems to ensure they run reliably and optimally for users. With groups dedicated to advanced integration (i.e., software development), system and network administration, infrastructure, and storage, the Operations team has extensive expertise in all aspects of high-performance computing hardware and software. Team members develop and optimize system tools for the scale and architecture of ALCF resources to ensure the entire system software stack works together seamlessly.

Performance Engineering

Performance Engineers help users achieve optimal performance on ALCF resources by working with them to port, tune, and parallelize scientific applications and other software on current and emerging systems. The team also helps drive the future of high-performance computing and data-intensive computing through research and development of performance models and scalable algorithms, and the development of standards for key areas such as benchmarks, compilers, and programming models.

User Experience

User Experience coordinates communications, support, and outreach for the ALCF. The communications team stewards our users' stories and ensures that ALCF provides relevant and accurate information to users, DOE, and the public at large. The support team manages the workflows for user accounts and projects, and assists users with support requests related to their ALCF projects. Outreach focuses on organizing training efforts and user-centered events for the ALCF.