Computational Design of Novel Multiscale Concrete Rheometers

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William George
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National Institute of Standards and Technology
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Allocation Hours at ALCF: 
50 Million
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The science of rheology is concerned with the flow and deformation of materials under applied forces. Accurately measuring the rheological properties of complex suspensions like concrete is crucial and a widespread problem in the construction and other industries. Although rheology is important to the development, analysis, and optimization of cement based materials, its rheological properties cannot currently be measured accurately in industrial settings. Design and development of accurate rheometers, devices that measure rheological properties, could significantly advance the development of new products that are energy efficient to produce. This allocation supports computer simulations of many thousands of particles, with a wide range of sizes and shapes and suspended in a cement paste, to en able the design of accurate rheometers that will advance the use of these instruments. The knowledge gained from these simulations will also enable the development of better and more energy efficient materials by reducing the time and cost required for such research and development efforts.