TotalView Debugger on Blue Gene P

PI Name: 
Peter Thompson
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TotalView Technologies
Allocation Program: 
Director's Discretionary
2010 to 2011
Research Domain: 
Computer Science

The TotalView debugger is a tool used in all computational sciences during application development. Work on the TotalView debugger on the IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) encompasses several facets. The first step focuses on getting TotalView up and running with all the same features that were implemented on the Blue Gene/L (e.g., no thread or shared library support). The second step involves TotalView porting work to include thread and shared library support. The final step uses the machine for benchmarking TotalView on an ongoing basis.

As the first two steps progress, changes to the Blue Gene software stack may be needed. Currently, the minimum-version level needed is V1R1M2_500_2007, which should include an update made in December 2007 to remove the setuid restriction on the mpirun process running on the front end node.

TotalView is currently working well on Blue Gene/P at driver level V1R4M2_200_2010-100508P. Threads and shared libraries are supported. Benchmarking work continues as we investigate performance.

The TotalView Debugger is a product of Rogue Wave Software. Developing parallel, data-intensive applications is hard. We make it easier.

Director’s Discretionary Allocation:

5,000 Hours