Understanding Secondary Motions and Their Impact in Modeling Turbulent Flows

PI Name: 
Hassan Nagib
PI Email: 
Illinois Institute of Technology
Allocation Program: 
Allocation Hours at ALCF: 
11 Million
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Wall‐bounded turbulence is a fundamental scientific topic important to a broad range of industrial, environmental, or any other application that involves bounded turbulence. This project supports simulations that will provide a deeper understanding of wall‐bounded turbulence and builds upon important and successful work from a previous 2013 ALCC award. The allocation will advance two main goals: first, this study will provide a deeper fundamental understanding of wall‐bounded turbulence, and of the mechanisms responsible for three‐ dimensional effects in industrial flows. Second, the data collected in this project will help to develop more accurate turbulence models, since the currently available industrial codes still fail to accurately predict three‐dimensional flows with secondary motions.  

The project will fundamentally advance our understanding of comparisons between experimental and computational representations of canonical flows, including further insight on the largest volume of direct numerical simulation data in the literature; i.e., channel flows. The outcome of the project will be a greater fundamental understanding of duct‐flows and support future optimization of the wide array of sectors that encounter with wall bounded turbulent flows.