Demonstration of the Scalability of Programming Environments By Simulating Multi-­Scale Applications

PI Robert Voigt , Leidos
Project Description

Future  computing  systems  pose  new  challenges  for  current  scientific  software  and  applications.  These  systems  will  have  extremely  high  node  counts  with  heterogeneous cores. This project supports development of technology and methods to support effective extreme computing for future computing systems. The project brings together six different science application areas, each of which focuses on three dimensional problems spanning a large range of scales in space and time. The application areas includes turbulence, radiation transport, electric power generation with carbon capture, plasma-­coupled combustion, and shock  wave-­processing  of  advanced  reactive  materials.  The  approaches  for  scaling  codes  on  advanced  architectures  will  be  evaluated  by  demonstrating  their  effectiveness  on  the chosen applications; at the same time our understanding of some key areas of science and engineering will be advanced.