Kalyan Kumaran

Deputy Director of Science - Advanced Technologies & Data
Kalyan Kumaran

Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Building 240 - Rm. 1125
Argonne, IL 60439

630-252 5941


Kalyan (Kumar) Kumaran is the Deputy Director of Science–Advanced Technologies & Data at Argonne’s Leadership Computing Facility (LCF). In this role he works closely with division and senior laboratory management towards the implementation of Argonne’s strategic plan to build world-class computational science research teams at the laboratory. Kumar also manages the LCF’s Performance Engineering (PE) team. His PE team works closely with LCF science projects on optimizing and scaling applications on current and emerging systems. They also collaborate with the performance tools, math libraries, and programming models community and debugger vendors to ensure their availability on LCF systems. The team has supported the scientific research efforts of an ACM Gordon Bell Prize finalist every year since 2009 and has won several performance awards including the HPC Challenge benchmarks (SC09) and the #1 spot on the Graph 500 benchmark (SC10). Prior to joining Argonne in 2006 Kumar managed performance engineering teams at Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) and VMware. During his time at SGI his team set several world records on industry standard performance benchmarks. Kumar represents Argonne on several standard consortiums including the OpenMP ARB and SPEC HPG. He is the long time Chair of the SPEC High Performance Group and is a key developer of several popular benchmarks including SPEC CPU2006 and SPEC MPI2007. Kumar holds a PhD degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from Iowa State University.

Areas of Interest: 
Performance Engineering