ALCF AI Testbed Systems Offline: February 21-23

The ALCF's Cerebras, SambaNova, Groq, and Graphcore systems will be offline from Wednesday, February 21, at 9 a.m. (CST), until Friday, February 23, while we upgrade the shared NFS storage for /home, /srv/software, and /srv/projects to a new NetApp appliance.

The login nodes, AI systems, and Globus collections will be unavailable to users during this time. Furthermore, any running jobs will be canceled and any active SSH sessions will be closed. Once all users are off the system, the ALCF will sync the data from the old storage to the new storage.

In addition to implementing the new NFS storage system, the Graphcore, Sambanova, and Cerebras mount points for /srv/software and /srv/projects will be removed and replaced with /software and /projects respectively. This will require users to update relevant paths in any scripts or config files that reference these two paths.

Note that Groq already uses /software and /projects and will not need to make changes.

Please contact with any questions, comments, or concerns.