Eagle Filesystem Upgrades: May 16-19

The Eagle filesystem will be undergoing upgrades between May 16 and May 19, 2022, and it will be unavailable during this time. The Globus endpoint alcf#dtn_eagle will also be unavailable.

If your jobs don't use Eagle, please follow the guidance on specifying filesystem(s) at https://www.alcf.anl.gov/support-center/theta/running-jobs-and-submission-scripts#qsub_filesystems to make sure they are not impacted. If you do not specify any filesystem, then the job will be tagged as requesting all filesystems (including Eagle) and may be put on hold unnecessarily.

If your job does not require Eagle, you must specify "home" and/or "grand" and/or "theta-fs0" filesystems in the qsub --attrs command as follows to ensure the job is allowed to run:

qsub -n <no._of_nodes> -t <time_in_mins> -q default --attrs filesystems=home,grand -A <projectname> <scriptname>

Please contact support@alcf.anl.gov with any questions or concerns.