2019 Getting Started Videos

Getting Started Videos


New to the ALCF? Need a refresher?

Our introductory Getting Started videos are designed to help users get their projects up and running on ALCF computing resources.

With separate sessions on Mira and Theta/Cooley, these videos provide information on system architectures and ALCF support services; guide users through code building and job submissions; and offer tips for troubleshooting, minimizing wait times, and effectively backing up data.

Getting Started on Theta/Cooley

View the Getting Started on Theta/Cooley video here. Topics include system overviews, memory modes, OS and filesystems, environment settings, compilers, tools, job scripts, and queues.

[Download the slide presentation]




Getting Started on Mira

View the Getting Started on Mira videos here. Topics include system overviews, code building, accounts, allocations, storage, transfers, queuing and running, and job status and manipulation.

[Download the slide pressentation]


1. BG/Q Hardware Review 


2. Considerations before you run (accounts, projects,  log in, ... )


3. Building your code


4. Running jobs on Mira


5. After your job is submitted (How to monitor the status of your job, useful commands)


6. Potential problems


7. Hands-on examples