Margaret Butler Fellowship in Computational Science

The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility invites postdoctoral candidates to apply for the Margaret Butler Fellowship in Computational Science. 

This Argonne-based fellowship program supports a postdoc who is working in a field of study that advances the use of high-performance computing (HPC) to solve specific, complex science and engineering problems.

Candidates must either have a recent PhD, or be awarded a PhD prior to the start of the appointment. Fellows are awarded two consecutive years of support, subject to annual review, for research in their field and closely related fields. For more information on how to apply, please see the applications instructions.

Please contact for questions concerning the application process.


Margaret K. Butler was a pioneering scientist who spent her career at the leading edge of computer science and nuclear energy. She programmed the first digital computers at Argonne National Laboratory in the early 1950s, helped design subsequent ones, and contributed to simulations of nuclear power reactors. Butler was the first female Fellow at the American Nuclear Society and director of the National Energy Software Center. Her analytical talents, vision, and drive led to a lifetime of scientific contributions.