2022 ALCF Computational Performance Workshop

2022 Computational Workshop Graphic

Attend our virtual workshop to boost application performance and achieve computational readiness for INCITE and other ALCF allocation programs.

The 2022 ALCF Computational Performance Workshop will be hosted as an online-only event.

Join us May 24-26, 2022, for an experience designed to help you boost application performance and achieve computational readiness on ALCF systems. Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Work with ALCF and industry professionals through collaborative online sessions
  • Participate in guided hands-on exercises
  • Benchmark and debug your application with exclusive reservations on ALCF computing systems
  • Learn how to improve utilization on ThetaGPU and Theta, and prepare for future ALCF computing resources
  • Explore advanced techniques and tools to enhance application performance and expand your data science skills
  • Prepare for a major allocation award (e.g., INCITE, ALCC, ALCF Data Science Program)


  • Foreign nationals: April 26, 2022
  • U.S. citizens: May 13, 2022


The ALCF Computational Performance Workshop is intended for HPC researchers and team members with near-term goals of applying for a major allocation award. Registrants will be reviewed for experience level and goals for attending. It is strongly recommended that registrants provide complete details as to the work they would like to accomplish in coordination with facility staff. There are a limited number of seats available for this virtual event.

For questions or concerns, please email us at comp-perf-support@alcf.anl.gov


Day 1, Tuesday, May 24

Topics (most sessions include a hands-on component)


9:30-10:00am (CST) Attendee Check-in - Connect to Zoom  
10:00-10:05am (CST) Welcome (slides) Katherine Riley, ALCF Director of Science (Argonne)
10:05-10:15am (CST) Onboarding (slidesvideo) Ray Loy (Argonne)
10:15-11:15am (CST) Workshop Overview: Getting Started on Theta and ThetaGPU (slides, video) Chris Knight, Graham Fletcher (Argonne)
10:15-11:15am (CST) Overview of TAU (slides) Sameer Shende (TAU)
10:15-11:15am (CST) Overview of HPC ToolKit (slides) Mark Krentel (HPCToolkit)
11:15-11:30am (CST) Break  
11:30am-12:30pm (CST) Enabling Workflows with Balsam and Parsl (slides, video, video 2) Tom Uram (Argonne), Yadu Babuji (University of Chicago), Ben Clifford (CQX Limited)
12:30-1:30pm (CST) Lunch Break  
1:30-2:00pm (CST) Future ALCF Systems (slides, video) Scott Parker (Argonne)

2:00-3:00pm (CST)

Portability with OpenMP (slides, video) Colleen Bertoni (Argonne)
3:00-3:15PM (CST) Break  
3:15-3:45pm (CST) Containers (slides, video) Taylor Childers, Aditya Tanikanti (Argonne)
3:15-3:45pm (CST)

Debugging with ARM Tools

(slides, supplemental video)

Ryan Hulguin and Beau Paisley (ARM)
3:45-4:45pm (CST) Visualizing Your Data (slides, video) Joseph Insley, Silvio Rizzi (Argonne)
4:45-5:00pm (CST)  Day 1 Feedback  

Day 2, Wednesday, May 25

9:30-10:00am (CST) Attendee Check-in - Connect to Zoom  
10:00-11:00am (CST) NVIDIA Ecosystem (slides, video) Jeff Larkin (NVIDIA)
11:00-11:15am (CST) Break  
11:15-12:15pm (CST) Scaling Deep Learning Applications (slides, video) Sam Foreman, Huihuo Zheng (Argonne)
12:15-1:15pm (CST) Lunch Break  
1:15-2:15pm (CST) Portability with Kokkos and Raja (slides, video, video 2) Nevin Liber and Brian Homerding (Argonne)
2:15-2:45pm (CST) Allocation Programs at ALCF (slides, video) Katherine Riley (Argonne)
2:45-3:00pm (CST) Break  
3:00-4:00pm (CST) Overview of VTune/Advisor (slides, video) Renzo Bustamante (Intel)


(Supplemental materials: video, slides)

4:00-4:15pm (CST) Day 2 Feedback

Day 3, Thursday, May 26

9:30-10:00am (CST) Attendee Check-in - Connect to Zoom  
10:00-11:00am (CST) Profiling Frameworks with TensorFlow and PyTorch (slides, video) Denis Boyda, Corey Adams, Filippo Simni (Argonne)
11:00-11:15am (CST) Break  
11:15-12:15pm (CST) Reduced Precision in TF, Torch (slides, video) Kyle Felker, Zhen Xie, Bethany Lusch (Argonne)
12:15-1:15pm (CST) Lunch Break  
1:15-2:15pm (CST) File Systems and I/O Performance (slides, video) Gordon McPheeters (Argonne)
2:15-2:45pm (CST) Globus (slides, video) Gregory Nawrocki (Globus)
2:45-3:00pm (CST) Data Transfer and Sharing with Eagle (slides) Avanthi Mantrala (Argonne)
3:00-3:15pm (CST) Next Steps - Applying for Your Own Project (slides, video) Ray Loy (Argonne)
3:15-3:30pm (CST) Break  
3:30-4:15pm (CST) Portability with SYCL/oneAPI (slides, video) Thomas Applencourt (Argonne)
4:15-4:45pm (CST) Quantum User Facility (slide, video) Travis Humble (ORNL)
4:45-5:00pm (CST) Day 3 Feedback