Accelerator Simulations for the Intensity Frontier of Particle Physics

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James Amundson
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Allocation Hours at ALCF: 
80 Million
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Particle accelerators are an enabling technology for both basic research and the applied sciences. This project will advance basic science in the form of particle physics by assisting Fermilab in developing world leadership in the production of high-intensity proton beams through the proposed Project X. These proton beams will, in turn, be used to create the world’s best neutrino, kaon and muon beams, allowing particle physicists to dramatically expand our understanding of rare and hard-to-detect phenomena.

A broad course of simulations will be necessary to aid in the plans for upgrades to two existing accelerators crucial to Project X, Fermilab's Booster and Main Injector. These simulations will efficiently utilize petascale computing resources by addressing those problems that are too computationally demanding to be performed as part of the ongoing simulation efforts utilizing commodity Linux clusters. The proposed simulations include large multi-bunch simulations, ensembles of smaller single-bunch simulations, and scans in the spaces of magnet configurations and operating parameters.

 The results of these simulations will advance both accelerator physics and basic science by enabling discoveries in particle physics.